The waste from the products we buy
is destroying our planet

In the uk we produce

550,000 Tonnes

of waste every day

Over 23%

of which ends up in


and 22,000 tonnes of

plastic end up in our


So we believe


must change...

and we are


the change...

It's not just about saving nature...

£1 in every £3 of UK council tax is spent on waste

Will You?

Great. Because we use


so all our products are



That equates to £50 per month

That you could save by reducing your waste

We add smart enzymes

so our products return to earth in under two years*

* So you know... Most nappies stick around for 400 years
And to make our lives easier

There isn't even much effort required by you

We use bamboo because it

Grows faster uses less water produces more 02

Just look at what you buy

Because there are products which leave no mark

Our end of life solutions means we are

Plastic free wood pulp free 100% compostable

Still Don't Care?

* You may learn something cool...

End of life

Means we think about where our products end up once used

It's your planet

and your child's future we all need to safeguard...
...So by choosing to buy end of life products

you can helpreduce the waste

It's a huge taskbut you canmake a difference

by taking small steps every day


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The #BTheChange campaign seeks to raise awareness of compostable and plastic free products. Browse our site to find out more.

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