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We’re looking for like minded consumers to trial our products to prove we stand up against the best.

If you would like to get involved, please complete the contact form below and we’ll get
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with you to confirm the next steps and where to send your trial products.

1. How it works
It's simple

We have a field trial in which you can trial our products at home and send us your feedback. Our goal is to produce eco friendly end of life products but we want to ensure our products perform exactly as they should. Your feedback is essential to the development of our products.

2. What you do
It's easy

We send you a sample pack containing the products you request. We politely ask that you send us feedback on these products. All feedback is incredibly important for us to continue developing and improving our products.

3. Your feedback
It counts

We need you to help us develop the products and create change in the world so that products are more compostable, biodegradable and consider end of life. You can start that process today.

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