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Bamboo is more sustainable than wood pulp, it grows faster with less water and produces more oxygen.


Nü provides a tried and tested answer to the problem that is landfill waste, deforestation and lack of environmental sustainability. We believe our Bamboo product range is the solution because its stand out feature, is its ‘end of life’ credentials and potential.

  • Made from sustainable resources
  • Super-soft top sheet
  • 100% bamboo pulp
  • 100% tree free
  • Chlorine free
  • Excellent absorbability both wet and re-wet
  • Naturally compostable
  • Outer packaging innovation
  • Only Genuine ‘end of life’ nappy in the UK


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NÜ Bamboo Nappies

Product information

Nu Bamboo nappies are as natural as changing time for your baby. Made from the world’s most renewable resource, bamboo, every nappy counts towards a happy baby and healthy environment.

Nu Bamboo provides you with a choice to shop with integrity without compromising on aesthetics and performance. Take a step towards a nu start and make today a nu day.

Size Weight (KG) No per pack
1 4 – 6 32
2 5 – 9 32
3 7 – 13 30
4 10 – 15 26
5 14 – 20 24


Your Baby

The antibacterial properties of bamboo fibres create a natural cooling effect for added comfort when the nappy is dry, wet and rewet.


The relief that your baby is wearing a nappy that performs well from the moment it’s on to its disposal. Our packaging is designed and certified to ASTM D5338 (degradable in soil) the packaging will naturally breakdown once in ambient temperature.

Our Planet

Good news as Nu Bamboo nappies are 100% tree free, and compostable, so along with our compostable packaging, it’s a NU clean start for our eco-system, and a share of the proceeds from each pack goes into developing even greener products for the future

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