Ness GEX

Building the Green Revolution
With Eco Friendly-NESS

GEX material is sourced from eggshells, they undergo a very rigorous multi-step process to become bio-calcium, an ultra-fine powder containing particles as tiny as 1 micron, which is then pelletized. GEX is eco-certified by SGS for reducing plastic waste, and carbon emissions, making it simple for businesses and brands to comply with regulations pertaining ESG.

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Join the green revolution with GEX, our eco sustainable product that’s making headlines across all industry sectors, GEX is leading the way in greener alternatives materials. It can replace up to 50% of plastic across a wide range of plastics types, GEX is not only environmentally friendly but also economically viable. Take the step towards a more sustainable future with GEX today!πŸ“ž Call Us To Find out moreπŸ“§ Write to us to arrange a chat πŸ“± Text us to find out more