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We can be the change today,
by producing plastic free and biodegradable products

Our Story:

Nu entered the hygiene care business in 2010 and quickly recognised the need for a more ethical approach to disposable hygiene products. Nu nappies use bamboo instead of wood-pulp, meaning they are tree-free, fully biodegradable , and compostable too. We developed our own range of sustainable products, including our eco-friendly straws, our biodegradable box-tape, and our bamboo-pulp nappies, using renewable materials, going as far as to include our packaging, which is made of our sustainable GMX material, which is fully biodegradable and compostable too. This leaves us with products that can be said to be genuine end-of-life solutions.

Our Mission:

We endeavour to provide modern-day solutions to modern-day problems. In 2007, the UK’s carbon footprint peaked at 977 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents, and we believe that it is up to us to meet the heightened expectations of consumers in a universal call to reduce our negative impact and damage done to our planet. Nu products use bamboo instead of wood-pulp, which we believe makes our products far more sustainable than other wood-based alternatives.

The Team:

Harvey Samuel


Harvey is an entrepreneurial visionary and founder of several successful businesses. After spending several years in research and development into innovation and investing in his own start-up businesses, his philosophy is to create solutions for everyday problems. He has the ability to see future trends and opportunities, and has the drive, belief and passion needed in his pursuit to make a difference. He is down to earth and very interpersonal, while remaining focused on the global picture. Harvey feels strongly about the future state of the environment and the part businesses must play to make the change.

Lynus Samuel

Head of Finance

As a valuable member of our Nu team, Lynus brings a wealth of banking and finance experience with over 16 years’ experience in private and public banking. Her leadership qualities were quickly identified, and coupled with her knowledge of finance, Lynus was promoted and given the responsibility of heading up a specialist team of traders handling the banks International, foreign, and currency trading.

Who We Are:

Nu were created in response to the ever-growing cry for ethical, conscious and sustainable products within the self-care and hygiene industry. Since conception, Nu have been developing and using our sustainable materials and technology to broaden, improve and build-upon our existing product range. Nu offers every individual a personal choice, recognising the need for quality and functionality, whilst empowering people to take a step in the direction of a more sustainable and ethical future.

Our Aim:

Nu believe in a conscious and ethical future, reducing the damage we do to the planet by innovating products that can provide green energy once they have fulfilled their original purpose. Nu aim to create products that can be broken down to produce green energy, either by anaerobic digestion or by burning the waste. Nu‘s eco product range have been developed and manufactured with sustainability, end-of-life, and functionality in mind, giving you peace of mind knowing that our disposables will not be gathering in landfill long after we have gone.



Nu provides a tried and tested answer to the problem of unsustainable landfill sites by innovating products that can be reused and repurposed after their original purpose has been fulfilled. We believe our bamboo product range to be the solution to this problem because of how sustainable bamboo is as a material, growing quickly with little maintenance or water and producing 35% more oxygen than trees. Nu recognizes the need for sustainability in a product and acknowledge it as far more than a fashionable add on. So BTheChange and buy biodegradable for a more conscious future.


The Nü Bamboo product range

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Martin Dorey

Martin is a writer, surfer and camper van owner with a passion for marine conservation and “cleaning up”.

Creator of #2MinuteBeachClean, presenter of One Man and His Campervan and author of The Camper Van Cookbook, Martin has been to all kinds of brilliant and interesting places and believes in “leaving it nicer”. He’s received praise from the likes of the BBC, Radio 2, Metro, Mail on Sunday and the Independent.

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NU Bamboo Testimonial

Laura Rajaram


I found that Nü nappies were excellent across absorbency, protection & comfort. I would also recommend them to others.

NU Bamboo Testimonial

Peta Trussel


I usually use cloth nappies, then we tried Nü Bamboo nappies and found them to have excellent absorbency & comfort...and good protection.

NU Bamboo Testimonial

Sophie Wright


I found Nü nappies to be really well made, and a great fit for my baby. I like the choice to do something good for the environment also.

Caley Hannen

Whilst sampling the nappies it was a really warm day. My child remained cool and dry, the nappies are super absorbent and the natural antibacterial fibres helped give a cooling feeling while the nappy was worn. I felt these nappies had a longer wear time than our standard nappies we use.

Emily Smith

Nü have found the answer - compostable, eco friendly nappies! They are super soft, and super absorbent, and because bamboo fibres are naturally clean and pure, the nappies themselves help prevent nappy rash! Recently it has been hot, my child has been comfortable throughout the day even in 32 degree heat, and throughout the night! Even better all packaging will biodegrade within 2 years!

Stacie Hill

On opening the nappies, the first thing I noticed was how soft to touch the nappies actually were. They are a lot different to standard wood pulp nappies on sale. The brand states that the bamboo pulp soaks up more than your usual nappy, and that it would keep him dryer for longer. They weren't lying!! I was eager to see how much sustainability it had throughout the night.
Our usual nappy, although usually doesn't leak, Is normally bulging in the morning ready for a change ASAP! My child actually slept in longer this morning, and the nappy felt nowhere near as full as it usually does. The fact he slept so well too means he probably felt more comfortable too!
I really do rate these nappies and would highly recommend all our baby friends to give them a try too!

Nichola Woad

Just would like to thank you for the samples again and tell you the nappies are great. The best thing about them is I wasn’t expecting them to be so soft! Also the wear overnight was brilliant, no leaks!